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Saving for retirement is something that most of us put off for as long as we can. But the reality is that the sooner you start paying into a pension the higher your income in retirement is likely to be. If you are working you are usually building up the right to a basic State Pension and possibly an additional State pension but these may not be enough to give you the standard of living you want.

There are three main types of Non-State Pensions. They are:

Occupational Salary-Related Schemes - offered by some employers;

Occupational Defined Contribution Schemes (also called money purchase pensions) - offered by some employers; and

Stakeholder Pensions and Personal Pensions - offered by some employers, or you can start one yourself. You may also be offered a group personal pension at work. These are also money purchase pensions.

JS Financial Advice Service Limited is prepared to offer assistance through the pension maze.

If you are an employee, especially a controlling director, contact us to find out ways of reducing your tax bill. Whilst pensions have had a bad press, we would invite to contact us for a pension review and just maybe your stand point on pensions may change.

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